Do you need a website?

2 minute read | Written by Student Media Services | April 2018


We understand why you might think you don't need one...


“I don't know a thing about making a website & it's probably too expensive”, or the classic “I have enough business already without one.” 


The reality is, you don’t need to know a thing about technology or computers...


Getting a professional website created for your business is easy.


82% of people research a business or service on the internet before making a purchase decision. That’s over 25 million people searching for businesses online... But still, over 45% of business owners say “My business is doing fine without one.” as their #1 reason for not having a website...


In 2018, having a website is more important than having a business card... Everyone has access to the internet and a website is your online business card.


... If you don't have one, its embarrassing.


A website can double as your business card, but can your business card double as your website? Think about it... 🤔


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Your website is your #1 salesperson.


If you didn't catch it at the start, here's a stat for you... 81% of people research a business or service online before making a purchase decision. If you don’t have a website, you have no chance of capturing a share of this market. 


Your website is available 24/7, even when you’re not.


A website is your #1 salesperson because it works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and takes no holidays. 


Your website is here and ready to answer most questions your customers may have at any time of day.


Whether it's a visitor becoming a new hot lead by filling a form, or a purchase on your eCommerce store, your website doesn't sleep and is always getting you new customers.



A website adds instant credibility.


Everyone online today is a skeptic, and we don't blame them. 56% of people won’t trust a business without a website. Having a good website instantly boosts your credibility as a legitimate business.


First impressions count.


A website is your #1 tool for gaining customers trust. If your website earns the trust of a visitor, they will be more interested in the value you have to offer them and you'll have a better chance at converting them into a customer.



It’s not as hard, or as expensive, as you think.


You don’t need to know a thing about computers, or even the internet to get a website. We have a very simple process which makes the development of your site quick and painless. No computer jargon that leaves you confused and overwhelmed. Our process is streamlined.


More Time + Money  = Happy Business Owner


Since you'll have your website forever, it will offer a better return on investment than ANY other form of advertising. Over time, the cost of getting a website will pay for itself. Its also a tax write off!



Having a website will save you time.



Communicating with customers takes time. Your website will save you that time by providing answers to common customer questions and inquiries. Customers will then contact you if they think you are right for the job.


Qualify your customers.


What does this mean for you? You can spend your time actually running your business.



To summarize… You need a website... And it’s easier than ever to get one.


We believe every business needs a website, no matter how big or small. In 2018 we truly think you should get a website before you even get business cards. With our streamlined process, we make getting a website, fast, easy and painless. A website is an investment and asset to your business that is a powerful tool to get more customers.


It’s easy to be a better business.

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